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Acting efficiently!



Acting efficiently.

Accurate and multilateral at the same time.

PEAK INNOVATION advises and supports medium-sized companies and big enterprises at strategic, economic and process oriented challenges. Our employment structure guarantees an immediately available know-how with short periods of vocational adjustment. Doing so we implement business goals and projects very fast and improve processes by systematic analysis and targeted elimination of bottlenecks.

The result: Our business partners achieve sustainable success faster and save additional personnel costs by an economically wise period of use.


Business processes.

Our combination of targeted communication and professional expertise allows flexible solutions in all phases even in technically complex environments. From project management to start up and quality management up to logistic management and procurement management.When needed we also plan the complete relocation of production and process units.   

The clear goal: increased efficiency of all processes, no matter if it is an ongoing project or a future project.

The experts of PEAK INNOVATION support the client during the product creation process and series production up to end-of-production. In close cooperation we support our clients holistically with the supplier management. We coordinate the whole supplier chain from OEM to Tier 1 and 2 up to the toolmaker. Being an experienced project manager the PEAK expert takes on the supplier development and guarantees highest delivery quality within the budget allocated.

Technical process development.

Thanks to experience of many years and our highly qualified employees from diverse areas of expertise we take on the optimization of business processes as well as technical process development. Here we cover the need for technologies and technicians in the area of die casting and  surface engineering, as well as aluminum-, coating- and laser technology. Our specialists have solid expertise in each level of requirement and implement those succesfully in their projects, amongst others in the areas of glas-, carbon- and natural fibre molded composites as well as interior surfaces.

Engineers of PEAK INNOVATION also take on tasks in the field of construction and electronics. A core area is the systematic process- and bottleneck analysis with the method TRIZ and 6 Sigma. The costs thereof are low the results in contrast extremely lucrative for the process improvement.

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