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Samples of clients and projects

Client Project Technology Processes
Audi AG und FAW-VW Changchun (China) Product technology seat A6L, Q3 and A3 Assembly of plastic- and metal structures, electronics with following padding complete seating Quality- and start up management, quality management, suppliers management
AUDI AG Pre-development weight reduction interior trim parts with skin surface Thermoplastic
die casting
Market analysis, preselection of the material, preselection of the process,
accomplishment of the comparison test
BMW AG BMW E60/F07 cockpit IMC-PUR-spray skin Coloristic,
quality management,
process optimization (IMC),
start up management
BMW / Rolls Royce Relocation of RR1 and RR4 instrument panel, door trim panel, MiKo Die casting
back foaming
leather covering
Relocation of production unit from Landshut (D) to Goodwood (GB) and suppliers
Porsche AG Cayenne Die casting
back foaming
leather covering
Project management,
atart up management,
quality management
Daimler AG Mercedes Benz
C-Class head restraints
Skin form Start up management,
supplier management
Faurecia Instrument panel
VW Touareg
Die casting, foaming,
Support with series-production tools
quality management,
project management
Faurecia Mercedes Benz S-Class
interior door panelling
instrument panel
PU skin in IMC technology Process development and industrialization,
quality management,
start up management
MT Misslbeck Technologies Rolls Royce Cabrio
molded-foam parts interior
Material selection and thouroughly testing,
project purchasing,
logistic planning
Project management,
start up management
Webasto Volvo C70 hardtop
BMW 3-er convertible
3-pieces hardtop Quality management,
change management
Dr. Schneider Kunststoffwerke BMW
I- panel
die casting
Start up management,
project management,
KVP management
Wagon Automotive GmbH Back window module Audi R8
electric rear shade Daimler C207
  Project management,
quality service
Alcan Automotive Bumper systems
M Class
Mercedes Benz
Aluminum production
mechanical production
Project management,
start up management,
Lumberg Connect GmbH Cooling system
Mercedes Benz diverse
Production of electronic components Implementation and monitoring of customer receivables
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